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Terms & Conditions

By using this website and/or signing up for the database you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. General
Aviation Network runs one of world’s leading databases for student-, commercial- and airline pilots, aircraft mechanics, flight attendants and aviation professionals. Therefore Aviation Network offers its applicants and members of the database general and aircraft type specific permanent and freelance working contracts. If an applicant or member agrees, Aviation Network will forward anonymized basic personal data to the aircraft owner, operator or airline. After passing the selection process, applicants or members will be offered a direct working contract.

2. Fees
Registration, acceptance and listing in the database are completely free of charge. If an applicant or member of the database undertakes a permanent working contract via Aviation Network, he or she will be charged 15% of his or her first monthly basic salary (pre-tax) (one-time payment). If an applicant or member of the database undertakes a freelance working contract via Aviation Network, he or she will be charged 5% of the total of his or her invoices/salary (pre-tax).

3. Duration
These fees will only be charged if a work contract is signed. The obligation to pay comes with the reception of the first salary (permanent contract) or the payment of the invoice(s) (freelance contract).

4. Intentions
Aviation Network stands for long-term reliability and progress and attaches greatest importance on its partnerships. Aviation Network therefore uses its demanded fees to establish a worldwide community of professional aviation employees, to provide companies with best qualified and dedicated personnel and to support its members in finding the best possible job.

5. Responsibilities
Clients and members of Aviation Network undertake to fulfil all permanent and freelance contracts in a very professional and reliable manner to satisfy the highest standards of Aviation Network‘s customers and partners.

Data Use Policy
By signing up for the database you consent to Aviation Network collecting, holding and processing your data for the following reasons:

  • to process your registration
  • to check your qualifications and experience for potential future job offers
  • to provide relevant details to our clients for jobs which you have applied for
  • to provide relevant details to clients seeking personnel for similar roles who may be interested in your skills with your prior permission only
  • to provide job offers, industry updates and other important information regarding your registration at Aviation Network
  • to conduct market research, evaluation and analysis regarding aviation personnel
  • to enable us to promote our services to our clients and to develop cooperation with potential future clients

Aviation Network holds your personal information in a secure environment and takes reasonable steps to protect the personal information you provide.

This website may contain links to other websites, which are not operated by Aviation Network. This data use policy applies only to information collected by Aviation Network.

Should a cooperation, merger or sale of the company take place, Aviation Network reserves the right to transfer the information you provided to a third party. This would be done on the basis that the third party has an appropriate data use policy as well and that it undertakes to use your information only for the purposes for which it is intended.

If you have any questions relating to the privacy of your information, please contact us: