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World’s Largest Aviation Job Platform

We are scanning the web for the most attractive jobs in aviation on a daily basis to keep you up-to-date via our Facebook- and LinkedIn page.

Easy Access to Aviation Staff

With our database we are able to connect you with highly qualified pilots, flight attendants and various other aviation experts.

Substantial Training Discounts

Due to large purchase quantities we are in a position to pass you on way cheaper prices for aircraft charter, simulators, CBTs, etc.

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About Us
What we do - and what we can do for you.

Who we are.

AviationNetwork is one of the leading companies headhunting most dedicated crews and employees for highly named airlines and operators all over the world. We deliver best qualified aviation personnel on freelance or permanent basis – wherever and whenever needed. Additionally, we promote job advertisements of various aviation companies through our numerous channels, thereby significantly increasing the number of qualified direct applications.

Our ever-growing international network comprises amongst others pilots, flight attendants, maintenance engineers and aviation management personnel.

How it works.

As soon as we receive a request for a freelance or permanent employee, we search our database for eligible candidates. If we cannot find enough potential employees to offer our customer an appropriate choice, we post the job on our Facebook- and LinkedIn page.

Applicants fulfilling the prerequisites are then asked to sign up to the database which is absolutely non-binding and for free. After having received a satisfying number of entries we will forward all relevant and completely filled out database profiles to the operator who will go through all CVs and get in touch with one or more applicants to talk about the details.

AviationNetwork will only charge a small commission fee if the applicant accepts and signs the contract.

For Companies
Attract the talent!

No matter if you are just seeking new flight attendants or extremely experienced and type-rated captains. Please get in touch with us if we can assist you. We are very proud of our track record with numerous success stories where we were able to bring together the right people with the right airline or operator. All our services are for free for you and we would love to let our members know about your offer.

We deliver best qualified aviation personnel on freelance or permanent basis, whenever and wherever you need them. Potential fields of application are:

  • Acceptance Flights
  • Ferry or Delivery Flights
  • Inspection Flights
  • Reposition Flights
  • Demo Flights
  • Safety Pilots
  • Private Operations
  • Commercial Operations
  • Flight Training
  • Operator & License Proficiency Checks (OPC & LPC)
  • Test Flights
  • Charter Flights
  • Airline Operations
  • Start-up Support

Our ever-growing international network of pilots, flight attendants, maintenance engineers and management personnel comprises amongst others:

  • Type-Rated and Non-Type-Rated Captains
  • Type-Rated and Non-Type-Rated First Officers
  • Type Rating Examiners (TRE)
  • Type Rating Instructors (TRI)
  • Synthetic Flight Examiners (SFE)
  • Synthetic Flight Instructors (SFI)
  • Certified Flight Instructors (CFI)
  • Ground Instructors (GI)
  • Student Pilots
  • Flight Attendants (Business Aviation)
  • Flight Attendants (Airline – various grades)
  • Certified Engineers
  • CAMO Engineers
  • Aviation Managers (various positions)
  • Dispatchers

Strong Feedback
What our customers say about us.
"Only a few weeks after my previous employer went bankrupt I have been contacted by AviationNetwork and got offered a great position on a Gulfstream G550. It’s a brilliant concept and the guys are doing an amazing job."
Martin H.
First Officer on Gulfstream G550
"Very professional and friendly service, I can recommend this company to everyone who is looking for a job in the aviation branch and wants to work with honest people. Thank you very much for your support."
Reinhold F.
First Officer on Airbus A320
"We have been looking for a suitable captain on Bombardier Global Express for more than six months. Then we assigned AviationNetwork to find one and received nine perfectly fitting candidates within three days. Since then we may look back to a very good cooperation."
Maximilian M.
COO & Captain on Bombardier Global Express
"We have been working with AviationNetwork since day one. We benefit from each other and are looking forward to many more simulator and OPS trainings to come."
Michael H.
CEO Aviation Academy Simulation