AviationNetwork is one of the leading companies headhunting most dedicated crews and employees for highly named airlines and operators all over the world. We deliver best qualified aviation personnel on short-term, long-term or permanent basis – wherever and whenever needed.

Our ever-growing international network comprises amongst others pilots, flight attendants, maintenance engineers and aviation management personnel.


How it works

As soon as we receive a request for a freelance or permanent employee, we search our database for eligible candidates. If we cannot find enough potential employees to offer our customer an appropriate choice, we post the job on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/aviationnetworkcom).

Applicants fulfilling the prerequisites are then asked to sign up to the database (https://app.aviationnetwork.com) which is absolutely non-binding and for free.

After having received a satisfying number of entries we will forward all relevant and completely filled out database profiles to the operator and will then send out further details and the contract to the one being chosen by the customer.

AviationNetwork will only charge a commission fee if the applicant accepts and signs the contract.