We deliver best qualified aviation personnel on short-term, long-term or permanent basis, whenever and wherever you need them. Potential fields of application are:

  • Acceptance Flights
  • Ferry or Delivery Flights
  • Inspection Flights
  • Private Operations
  • Commercial Operations
  • Flight Training
  • Operator & License Proficiency Checks (OPC & LPC)
  • Test Flights
  • Charter Flights
  • Airline Operations
  • Start-up Support


Our ever-growing international network of pilots, flight attendants, maintenance engineers and management personnel comprises amongst others:

  • Type-Rated and Non-Type-Rated Captains
  • Type-Rated and Non-Type-Rated First Officers
  • Type Rating Examiners (TRE)
  • Type Rating Instructors (TRI)
  • Synthetic Flight Examiners (SFE)
  • Synthetic Flight Instructors (SFI)
  • Certified Flight Instructors (CFI)
  • Ground Instructors (GI)
  • Student Pilots
  • Flight Attendants (Business Aviation)
  • Flight Attendants (Airline – various grades)
  • Certified Engineers
  • CAMO Engineers
  • Aviation Managers (various positions)
  • Dispatchers