I got an email from you with a password to log in to your database, but it didn’t work?
If the password doesn’t work, please just sign up a new profile, using your own new password. We are constantly checking the database for any double entries and will delete the old one then.

I applied for a job but why didn’t I get any answer yet?
As we concentrate on the acquisition of jobs we aren’t able to answer all emails we get. But please be sure that we receive all your details and treat them carefully. As soon as we can offer you any position we will come back to you immediately. Thank you for your understanding.

Currently I am not looking for a job. Should I sign up to your database anyhow?
Why not. Sometimes we receive requests for pilots or flight attendants to participate in well-paid promotions or surveys. You could miss one of those opportunities if you aren’t a member in the database.

I am still in my initial flight training phase, but I would like to sign up, is that ok?
Of course, we appreciate every candidate, even without any previous experience at all. One day you will be qualified for the jobs we offer and then you just need to update your profile.